Kiosk Application Development

Our top notch expertise in kiosk application development put us a level above when it comes to self service kiosks. We develop applications for any type of kiosk device be it mobile, tablet or a computer. We have developed solutions which include attractive user interface, on booth printing, branding, extensive reports and so on.

Kiosk Hardware Integration

With the expertise with all types of kiosk applications, we have integrated so many hardware which include but not limited to touch screen, receipt / thermal printer, card reader, barcode scanner, QR code reader, RFID, biometric scanner, fingerprint reader, cameras, bill collector.

Self-Service Kiosk Software Solutions

During the journey of a decade we have developed solutions for various domains. With the expertise in retail self service kiosks, we have also delivered robust kiosk software solutions for museums, pharma, automotive, events, sports and many other sectors.

Photo Booth Kiosk Software

One of the fast moving and all time in demand kiosk software is photo booth kiosk software and we have developed so many of them that we can comfortably say that we can give you the best and quick photo booth software which you can deploy as and when needed.