Kiosk Application Development


Autonomous and self-managed operations are now a daily reality. From Sky info solutions, we offer the solution and tools for the development of kiosk applications in all the possibilities of interaction.

We understand the importance of a self-managed system with direct interaction with customers, so our kiosk application developers use safe and stable processes.


Achieve a formidable shopping experience for your users.
Exponentially increase your commercial information base.
It considerably reduces the costs of commercial operation.
Improve the performance of your operations.

Kiosk Application Development

The integration of technological components through self-managed platforms such as Kiosk is the natural evolution of current business in relation to a physical customer. 

Our team provides the solution to the development of the project with necessary security conditions in the handling of documentation and sensitive information, administration elements in external portals, remote access for control of analytics and custom alert systems.

Beyond the business, we develop a stable and scalable structure at a high volume of interaction, with fluid functioning without sacrificing functions and capabilities of high level.

The Development of the kiosk application is carried out using the latest technologies of the market, the design of the interface always seeks the harmony of functionality with attractive and fresh appearance.

  • Self Checkout System
  • Self Order Entry
  • Payment Interface
  • Ticket & Check-in
  • Government Consultations
  • Locker System
  • Rental & Self-Service Retail
  • Biometric Data Collect
  • Secure Browser
  • Loyalty card system

Kiosk Hardware Integration

From the simplest information management solutions to the most complex applications with integration of data entry or egress information, from Sky Info Solutions we provide the most complete hardware integration service in the market, covering a wide range of interactive elements with the user and the administrator.

We have the necessary experience to integrate the hardware elements into kiosk application, order and payment systems with billing, printing and capturing biometric data of the user. Reading reservations from any medium or device, issuing plastics or special passes. Automation of opening a cash drawer or safe deposit box working safely and efficiently.

Your Kiosk application being experimented in the most innovative and attractive way for your clients, achieves complex functions and fluid interactions without failures or delays. We provide the necessary solutions for effective integration of hardware of all kinds to achieve the application of more varied functionalities.

  • Touch screen or touch interaction interface
  • Printers of all kinds
  • Magnetic and RFID Card Reader
  • Automatic or triggered Barcode Scanner
  • Biometric data capture
  • High speed cameras
  • Cash collector and deposit of bills or checks
  • Credit card devices
  • Payment devices

Sky info solutions are your strategic ally to undertake commercial and information management solutions for your kiosk project.

If you are looking for a high performance kiosk application development, do not hesitate to contact us and we will become development partners to convert the most ambitious ideas into successful self-service projects.

Self-Service Kiosk Software Solutions

From Sky Info Solutions we provide the necessary software to control your Kiosk platform. Web-based applications or complete software with secure information interactions with key customer data, easy and intuitive operations conversion processes.

Your service operating autonomously generating information and profits without the application of extra resources. We help you convert the set of customer service operations to an autonomous and self-managed process.

Our Self-Service solutions work intuitively to make fluid conversions with insurance payment systems, Smart bot support integrations, we customize your interaction board based on strong analysis of the behavior of your customers.

Our solutions team will help you design the processes of self-management of your key operations, from reception, collection, billing, reservation, and registration of users or guests. No matter what the application of your project, we will project your operations to turn them into self-managed solutions in a stable, secure and intuitive way to convert them into results of commercial or information conversion.

Photo Booth Kiosk Software

One of the fast moving and all time in demand kiosk software is photo booth kiosk software and we have developed so many of them that we can comfortably say that we can give you the best and quick photo booth software which you can deploy as and when needed.

From green screen background to various props as well as watermarking the photos and videos, at Sky Info Solutions, our team has already delivered such important and user friendly Photobooth solutions for many of our clients.