IoT App Development

Transform the world by making users interact with devices in innovative way. Creating an ecosystem of interconnected devices providing new opportunities and working with real data with IoT application.

What is the IoT about

We have reached the point where we can directly benefit from the technology to solve physical interleaving operations and take real-time decisions through interconnected devices that are expressed easily and efficiently.

This principle is the one that governs the IoT, although it may seem for large and specific applications, they adapt perfectly to our day to day with small measurements and with the ease of making decisions. The most common examples are in our smartphone that captures GPS positioning data to determine our position, our Air Conditioning that can be controlled from our smartphone, as well as many other applications.

internet of things application development

Being one of the pioneer companies in IoT development, Sky Info solutions provides a comprehensive development service for IoT applications. We understand the market trends and the scalability possibilities that each project can face. We establish the necessary processes to provide a robust app that allows you to develop your idea fluently and without connection errors.

We believe that the bases of each side are nothing without a good data connection, we use the main technological resources to provide a reliable development in connectivity and effective in operations.

iOS, Android or Hybrid



Business Intelligence



Wearable Devices

Voice Control

iOS, Android or Hybrid

The users can arrive from many sides, for those we are prepared and we adapt the technologies for each platform ensuring functionality and competitive design so that the devices do not become a limit for your ideas.


There are cases in which the growth of an already established company needs to develop IoT technologies, so we help you adapt your current platforms to interact with the new IoT developments for your business.

Business Intelligence

The capture and interpretation of data has been one of the main growth factors of the main companies in the last technological run, we help you capture and interpret the real data of your users and processes so that you can make the right decision for growth.


While the technology is already among us, there are certain processes that can be more challenging than others in order to define their behavior, our IoT Application Development team will help you define the behavior and strategy of your application to make the most of your development.


You may need a powerful development but you don’t have the infrastructure to deploy it, we advise you and help you deploy your project on cloud platforms that adapt to your needs, thus achieving a balance between infrastructure and development.

Wearable Devices

Today we can see how technology is getting closer to our body and wearable devices, where the interaction opens up a huge world of possibilities for health, productive control and biometric security, which is why we consider it a necessary and fundamental element in development. Powerful, notorious we help you get everywhere.

Voice Control

One of the most pronounced advances of the last era is voice control. Every day it improves a bit more with the advantages of AI, so it puts us on a necessary path to consider. The main exponents of the market are already marking a trend with the appearances of Google and Amazon on the scene. Reach more users with voice control applications with support in the best AI technology for voice recognition.


  • 1. Smart Home & Cities
    • The interaction increasingly covers more field in IoT applications. We develop the necessary solutions to improve daily life processes.
    • Imagine being able to control your home from your smartphone, imagine being able to control traffic, transportation networks and service in an atomized and remote way.
  • 2. Farming
    • The new generation of farmers understands the need to capture and interpret accurate data to make the right decisions at the right time.
    • All stages of agricultural production monitored and automated in a progressive manner to maximize yields and production efficiencies.
  • 3. Health
    • Biometric devices are in full development in the health industry, this allows for better diagnostics and positive results.
    • All the vital information of our body in real-time with an online parameter monitoring systems, which will help your physician attentive to your medicines and treatment.
  • 4. Education
    • IoT systems transform the learning experience in a totally new way, achieving better educational results. A whole educational process with access of huge amounts of data in real-time with real magnitudes. and the possibility of experiencing in real-time with real magnitudes.
  • 5. Manufacture
    • The manufacturing industry has reached the level where the demands go beyond human control and where accurate real-time data is needed for effective decision making. With the help of IoT, A productive process can be measured and monitored from a control room or a hand held device.

Development process

1. Analysis and Understanding of the Idea

In a direct relationship with the client, we delve into each aspect of the application and how it interacts with the user.

2. Action plan

Based on the main analysis we establish an agile methodology to develop the project in an orderly and effective way.

3. Prototyping

We assemble a prototype of the final product and analyze it together with the client to control the evolution and perspectives of the final product.

4. UX & IU design

It is based on functionality, our experienced design and navigability experts will be in charge of giving you the appearance and interaction necessary for your customers to experience it better.

5. App Development

With the design and prototype, we take care of the pure development of a robust and well-planned application.

6. QA test

Following the development standards, we perform a final QA test with the best automation technologies and user experience.

7. Depliege and training

With the entire package completed, we take care of the application and find it running and without bugs. We ensure that the repository and administrator have the necessary tools to intercalate effectively.